Emergency Dental Care

Emergency Dentistry for Upper Arlington

emergency dental care for tooth pain in Hilliard and Upper ArlingtonIf you experience any damage to your natural teeth or dental prosthetics, you need emergency dental care. Patients with a throbbing toothache should also see their emergency dentist.

Getting emergency dental care when you need it is essential to avoid further damage. Dr. Miely works closely with his patients to protect their healthy teeth and their comfort!

Dr. Miely and his team provide priority care for patients with urgent dental needs. If you have tooth pain or dental damage, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

If you need emergency dental care, contact us right away! The sooner we can see you, the easier treatment will be.

An Emergency Dentist Who Cares

When it comes to emergency dental care, we are on your team. We want to make treatment a smooth process for you.

Regardless of your unique dental needs, our emergency dentist will prioritize your experience. Our emergency dentist will consider your comfort before treating you. We also listen to your concerns for the outcome of your smile and what your budget will allow.

"If you are looking for more than an emergency dentist you have come to the right place. Dr. Miely produces a great smile that looks like your smile. I have had my complete mouth refurbished (over 3 years) and my teeth do me credit. My daughters keep saying smile Mom, your teeth look great!"
Mary M., Patient

Types of Dental Emergencies

tooth pain solutions for Hilliard and Grandview HeightsDo you need emergency dental care? Some of the common issues we see are listed below:

  • Chipped or broken tooth | Whether you bit into something too hard or got into a car accident, Dr. Miely can repair your broken tooth. We may use beautiful tooth-colored bonding, dental crowns, or fillings.
  • Damaged dental work | If you have a dental appliance like a bridge, crown, or denture that is broken or becomes loose, our emergency dentist can reverse the problem. We can repair the current appliance or replace it with a brand new one.
  • Tooth pain or toothache | Don’t ignore tooth pain or sensitivity. If you are experiencing tooth pain, your smile might be trying to tell you something. Our emergency dentist will determine the cause of your tooth pain and promptly resolve the problem.
  • Knocked out tooth | Dr. Miely will provide quick emergency dental care in attempts to save the natural tooth. We can also replace a missing tooth with lifelike replacements like dental implants or dental bridges.

Tooth Pain or Dental Emergency? Get Emergency Dental Care Now!

If you are suffering from tooth pain or sensitivity or another dental emergency, don’t wait to give our Upper Arlington office a call! Dr. Miely and his team are here to protect your oral health if you are in the area, including Hilliard and Grandview Heights!

"Dr. Miely was great! Fixed my chipped tooth outside of business hours for me! He did a fantastic job, i am very happy with the oiutcome! I highly recommend his practice!"
Jason H., Patient

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