Teeth Whitening: Do It Right

Upper Arlington dentist teeth whitening

Want to brighten up your smile? Have you considered tooth whitening? Teeth whitening at Mark A. Miely DDS is one of the quickest and most affordable ways to look younger and more attractive.

Does Teeth Whitening Hurt?

Though some Mark A. Miely DDS teeth whitening patients experience a little short-term sensitivity, most experience no pain at all.

There are a few different ways to whiten teeth and each uses a solution containing peroxide to remove the stains that have accumulated in the cracks in your tooth enamel.

DIY Whitening Products
First of all, over the counter whitening strips, mouthwashes or paint-on solutions use a lower concentration of whitening agent than in-office methods, so they rarely remove all of the stains on your enamel. If you have gum disease, cavities, crowns, dental bonding, or porcelain veneers, Doctor Mark Miely recommends first visiting your dentist for a teeth whitening consultation. You are always better to whiten your teeth professionally with your dentist. This will protect your existing restorations and ensure the best possible results.

Don’t assume that tooth whitening offered at Columbus mall kiosks is risk-free. The industry is largely unregulated and the staff often have little dental training. Do you really want to take chances with your smile?

At Mark A. Miely DDS, we are currently accepting new patients at our Upper Arlington office. My friendly team of skilled dental professionals would love to serve you with cosmetic dentistry, 6-month smiles, Inman aligners, sedation dentistry, or general dentistry. You can schedule an appointment by calling 614-451-2100.

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