What If My Child Loses Their Baby Teeth Too Early?

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Primary teeth are critical. Your child needs them to speak. Your youngster needs them to eat.

A healthy smile improves self-confidence for everyone—young and old.

Plus, those little teeth maintain space for the permanent teeth to come in and take their place.

When young children lose their baby teeth a long time before their permanent teeth erupt, it can affect tooth spacing.

Artificial Space Maintainers Keep Teeth From Shifting

Your dentist may recommend an artificial space maintainer to keep the remaining baby teeth in place. This ensures that there will be adequate space for the permanent teeth to erupt.

Your dentist will remove the artificial space maintainer when it is no longer needed.

Tooth Timing

Distinctive gap-toothed smiles are a trademark for pre-teens. Most young children begin losing their baby teeth around age 6.

When Is It ‘Too Early’ Or ‘Too Late’ For Baby Teeth To Fall Out?

If your child’s baby teeth starting falling out before they are 4 1/2, book an exam at Mark A. Miely DDS. It’s critical for Doctor Mark to examine your child and take X-rays. It’s also critical to check for any related medical issues.

If your youngster hasn’t lost a tooth by 7 or 8 years old, it may also indicate a problem. Hopefully, you are already maintaining a twice-yearly dental visit schedule for your child. If not, we recommend that you start. Your child’s current and future health is at risk.

Regular dental exams allow your dentist to monitor your child’s oral development. There’s a lot going on (seen and unseen) in little mouths!

Eruption Charts

Ask your dentist about an eruption chart. (As in tooth eruption, not volcano eruption.) An eruption chart shows when you can expect children’s teeth to come in and out.

Regardless of their history of dental visits, make sure you see a pediatric dentist if your youngster’s tooth development schedule is unusual.


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